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Leap of Faith 2022 Registration Open!

Are you brave enough to take the Leap? We’re seeking our next group of courageous jumpers ready for the challenge of raising support for women in addiction recovery… and jumping from 10,000 feet doing it! (A small detail.) If you’re up to the challenge, register TODAY at Read More

Needs List – February Update

This month, we’re seeing a need to update the suites with more comfortable bedding through new mattresses and sheets as well as replacing mattress protectors. Our new residents are also in need of more menstrual products and new underwear.… Read More


Your Impact in 2021

Thank you. With your help this year, we saw women find true freedom from addiction. Despite an increased demand for recovery services and a decreased capacity to serve, Adeara was able to adapt because of your support. … Read More

Michelle’s Story

I doubted that I could ever be sober this long. I doubted I would see my son unsupervised, and even though I didn’t have a bunch of money or these giant outings planned with him I was able to laugh, smile and have the most fun because I was sober and really in the moment.… Read More

Kristin’s Story

While in recovery these past 22 months I’ve been able to overcome the loud voice in my head that shouts I’m just a junkie and won’t amount to much. I’ve also battled with feelings of inadequacy for being a mom and didn’t believe it was possible to achieve financial security for my son’s future.… Read More

Kristen’s Story

Some of the doubts I’ve had to overcome in my recovery include not feeling like I’m good enough, feeling like I’m a bad mom, and not feeling worthy of good things. In my addiction I allowed the guys I was in relationship with to make all my choices and decide everything for me. … Read More

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A Record-Breaking Giving Tuesday

We have said it before. We will say it again. The Adeara community is the best community. You matched, you gave, and you shared. With your support, we raised over $62,000 on Giving Tuesday!… Read More


Have Your Gift Matched This Giving Tuesday

November 30th is Giving Tuesday, a day of generosity celebrated across Canada. At Adeara, we’re participating by launching a gift matching program where several generous and anonymous donors have pledged to match the first $30,000 we raise on Giving Tuesday. … Read More

Jocelan’s Story

Hi, my name is Jocelan and I’m 42 years old. I grew up in an alcoholic home, with my mom, dad and my older sister. My dad was the drinker. My early life consisted of many types of abuse, some in the home and outside the home. I struggled in school and was diagnosed with ADHD. It was fairly new, and treatment was even newer, and I slipped through the cracks.… Read More


Fundraising Opportunity: Skip the Depot

Skip the depot is a recycling pick-up service that lets you skip the drive to the bottle depot and support Adeara at the same time! The Skip the Depot team handles the pick up of your bottles after you place an order on the Skip the Depot app, and sends you a breakdown of your total which you can designate to Adeara.… Read More