Leadership Team

We’re passionate about what we do. After all, we’re helping women and their families lead better lives. Our leadership team provides the strategic vision for us to empower women on their journey toward creating lasting change in their lives.

You are welcome to contact our team by email or by calling the centre at 780.423.5516.

Leadership Team

Lori Patrick – Executive Director (ext 1010) | lori@adeara.ca

Stacey Bell – Director of Operations (ext 1002) | stacey@adeara.ca


Adrienne Fudge – Event Coordinator (ext 1005) | adrienne@adeara.ca

Barb Olynyk – Bookkeeper (ext 1009) | barb@adeara.ca

Carine Kanangire – Facility Director (ext 1007) | carine@adeara.ca

Corrie Carrola – Advocacy Coordinator (ext 1004) | corrie@adeara.ca

Kate Wyse – Clinical Director, Registered Therapist (ext 1013) | kate@adeara.ca

Kristen Lagore – Community Coordinator (ext 1008) | kristen@adeara.ca

Marissa Ruggles – Daytime Support & Volunteer Coordinator (ext 1004) | marissa@adeara.ca

Marleen Gray – Program Director (ext 1006) | marleen@adeara.ca

Megan Andersen – Clinical Coordinator (ext 1001) | megan@adeara.ca

Natasha Varma – Registered Psychologist (ext 1012) | natasha@adeara.ca




Adeara is a leader in addiction recovery, and our Board of Directors plays a vital role in our work. Our board facilities Adeara’s connection with communities and capacity to change the lives of women struggling with addiction, mental health concerns, trauma, and abuse.

Board Members

Mark Evans – Chairman
Charlene Dykstra – Vice Chair
Charles Evans – Finance Chair
Colleen Foley – Secretary


Jesse Jervis
Tiffany Linke-Boyko
Greg Assaly
Connie Spooner

David Cornock