We’re passionate about what we do. After all, we’re helping women and their families lead better lives. Our leadership team provides the strategic vision for us to empower women on their journey toward creating lasting change in their lives.

Lori Patrick

Executive Director
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    As Executive Director, I am responsible for ensuring that the goals of Adeara, as set by the Board, are being achieved. I provide oversight of Adeara and also spend much of my time raising awareness and funds. I take my role very seriously and count it a privilege to make a way for women who are often dismissed or forgotten. Giving women a space to change, and supporting them in that, is what I love. My goal is to ensure that every woman who comes through our doors is given the opportunity to live her life free from addiction, breaking the cycle for future generations.

Tracy Lemke

Operations Lead
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    I work alongside the Executive Director providing oversight to a variety of administrative functions at Adeara. My goal is to support the mission of empowering women on their journey to create lasting life change, by ensuring the effective and efficient operation of Adeara.

Natasha Varma

Clinical Lead
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    As the Clinical Lead at Adeara, I oversee our programming and provide oversight for the Clinical Team. I also facilitate Group Therapy on a weekly basis. My heart is to see the women we serve live in freedom through a life of recovery, while fostering healing in their relationships with their children and families.

Loudell Herms

Facility/Support Lead
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    It is my job to be a bridge among the different spokes of Adeara—the clinical team, the facility, admin, and the support team, while ensuring that our residents are well supported in their recovery journeys. I LOVE pouring into people and building healthy teams. I truly believe that Jesus can change everything, so to see the everyday miracles in our residents’ lives and families is amazing!

Juli Holland

Donor Relations and Event Lead
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    I have a background in events and have always had a heart for people, which has proven to be a good combination. I get to plan all of our fundraising and awareness events and foster relationships with people who believe in the work of Adeara, and ultimately, the work of Jesus. It is an honour to help provide women with a supportive and compassionate community, help write their stories of success, and heal their hearts in the process.

Charlene Nanninga

Community Development Lead
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    My job looks different every day and consists of various roles. I oversee More Than a Fad (MTAF) – Adeara’s thrift store, and assist Adeara’s Fund Development Team.  In both of these roles I am seeing how we can work with community partners to bring awareness to Adeara and MTAF. I love what I do at Adeara! Seeing the change in the women as they go through the program and as they leave is the best reward. I am glad I can be a part of that and hopefully inspire change in the community.

Board Members

Adeara is a leader in addiction recovery and our Board of Directors plays a vital role in our work. Our board facilitates Adeara’s connection with communities and our capacity to change the lives of women struggling with addiction, mental health concerns, trauma and abuse.

Board Directors

Fraser Genuis
Tammy Ward

Executives of the Board

Jesse Jervis – Chairman
David Cornock – Vice Chair
Jayton Sontag – Treasurer
Shauna Yohemas – Secretary