Krystle’s Story

April 17, 2023

Before Adeara my relationship with alcohol was one-sided and volatile. Every waking moment was about taking that next drink. At first, I enjoyed how it made my anxiety disappear, and I didn’t feel like I always had to be “on.” I didn’t have to look perfect, act perfect or have all the answers. I could just sit back and let the world take care of itself.

Years later, I had to drink to avoid seizures after having had several, not even caring that any of those could have been fatal. I needed alcohol to be able to perform the simplest functions, like walking to the bathroom or attempt eating and change my clothes.

I was consumed with drinking, and it consumed me.

Something people may assume about those who cope with alcohol is that these people are stupid, lazy and do not even want to change.  However, whether a person has come from a long line of dysfunctional alcoholics or not, addiction isn’t indiscriminate. One does not wake up one day, choosing the lifestyle I had.

For someone struggling with alcohol use, I would tell them they are not alone. There’s so much more to life than the constant rat race of getting to that next drink.

Looking back on my life before Adeara, is like looking at a different person or reading a bad story. I can’t believe I was constantly surviving day to day. But there is hope. There is more to life. My story is not over.

By Krystle (not pictured)