Our Program

Adeara is designed to treat women from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. Our comprehensive approach to treating addictions is designed to develop self-awareness and impact a woman’s thoughts, behaviours and future.

Addiction Program Overview

Adeara provides in-depth, accredited addiction programming based on research, to treat the whole person: biologically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Our unique model is designed to keep mothers and children together, while providing compassionate, trauma-informed care. Programming ranges from a minimum of six months to over one year, depending on the individual.

Our long-term program includes:

  • Residential living within the centre
  • Safe and secure residence with 24/7 support
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Child and parenting classes
  • Fitness programming
  • Spiritual development through Christian programming
  • Daily addiction recovery programming
  • Assisted transition to independent living
  • Aftercare program opportunities
  • Battlefield of the Mind

    Through the process of addiction, addictive thinking becomes the primary thought process used. In order to enter into recovery and maintain it, addictive thinking must be addressed. This program challenges addictive thinking and assists residents in learning how to pay attention to their thought processes.

  • Boundaries

    This class uses a book and workbook as guides on how to set healthy boundaries. It’s critical to understand the importance of discovering what we allow and don’t allow: boundaries define us—what is me and what is not me? Healthy boundaries provide freedom to walk as the loving, giving fulfilled individuals God created us to be.

  • Co-dependency

    This class explores the origins of the codependent relationship—the effects of codependency on the helper and the helped—and reveals guideposts to help a client separate themselves from a codependent relationship.

  • Fitness Programming

    Exercise is important for addiction recovery: it has a positive impact on our brain, as well as our physical and psychological well-being.

  • The Genesis Process

    The Genesis Process provides a Biblical and neurochemical understanding of what is broken and what causes our self-destruction.

  • Introduction to Financial Development

    This class opens up the conversation around money and allows for open discussion. Women create a personal budget and learn about money management.

  • Life Skills Development

    As a residential facility, we have the unique opportunity to engage women in developing their life management skills.

  • Neuroscience of Addiction

    This class teaches residents how addiction affects the brain and how the brain can recover from the impacts of addiction.

  • Parenting and Child Programming

    These classes bring established principles to bear on the challenging task of child rearing. Through classes, residents learn how to bring order and set limits, while still being loving and defining family boundaries, and modelling God’s parenting character.

  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

    This form of therapy focuses on resolving emotional and behavioural problems by addressing the belief system to change thought patterns. As a result, emotions and behaviours are also changed, affecting the whole self.

  • Spiritual Development

    Our faith in God’s transformative power provides hope, healing and restoration. It serves as the anchor for our program and our passion. Our programming is faith-based with Biblical perspective. Bible studies, devotions, church attendance and prayer are key elements of our program.

  • Staying Sober

    This class is a guide to relapse prevention: it outlines the recovery process and relapse behaviours. This practical method requires hard work and commitment to work through the process.

This is Her Story

“I learned that God is not like my earthly father or the people who were a part of the church that hurt me…That he doesn’t want religion, but He just wants a connection, a relationship with me.”






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Balanced nutrition, exercise and structured relaxation are all vital to recovery. Days at Adeara are structured for learning, exercise and recovery. Through our programming, residents learn skills like planning healthy meals for themselves and their children.


Addictive use generally begins as a learned coping strategy to address stress or pain, and inadvertently creates a cycle based on the belief that life is impossible to handle without addictive use. Honesty and accountability through professional counselling are essential to identify these thought processes and recognize their impacts.


The addictive cycle harms relationships, increases isolation and causes the individual to view others and themselves as objects. Unfortunately, the addictive use of a parent or guardian can pre-dispose their children to following in their footsteps. At Adeara, our priority is to break the cycle and see families and healthy relationships restored.


The women who come through Adeara’s doors often carry a heavy load of shame, trauma, mental illness and a seemingly endless path of hurdles. At Adeara, we believe in a God who offers love, compassion, dignity, hope, healing and restoration. We hope to see women find freedom and new life in God’s love.

Our Impact

Every day, we are privileged to see firsthand the impact our programs have on the women and families we serve. Meet some of the women who fuel our passion to continue delivering faith-based addiction programming.


Sadly, substance abuse and addiction are common in Alberta. As the need for addiction recovery services continues to grow, so does Adeara. Learn more about the state of addiction and recovery in Alberta and Canada.

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Mental Health Services Protection Act

Adeara is a licensed service provider under the provisions of the Part 1 Mental Health Services Protect Act to provide Residential Addiction Treatment Services in Alberta.

CAC Accreditation
CAC Accreditation

Adeara is an accredited addictions recovery centre. We are accredited through the Canadian Accreditation Council (CAC), the nationally recognized leader in standards excellence.