Adeara’s Aftercare Program

March 2, 2023

Thanks to the Edmonton Realtor’s Community Foundation’s (RFC) support, Adeara has invested in an enhanced aftercare program for residents living independently in 2022 and seeks to continue to do so in 2023.

The RCF is an organization that brings together realtor agents from around the city to give back, hoping to make a more significant impact. For over thirty years, RFC has intentionally funded local charities that work in the realtors’ communities – making a measurable difference in our neighbourhoods.  

The Aftercare Program started in 2021, thanks to the support of the Edmonton Community Realtors Foundation, and has supported over eighteen women transition to independent living. Adeara residents transition to the Aftercare Program once completing the one-year program. Although the women gain a broad new skillset while in the program, they now face the reality of independent living, some with high-needs children, and continuing a life of recovery without the safety and structure of Adeara’s program. This is why the Aftercare Program is vital to a woman’s sustainable recovery. The Aftercare Program assists the women in broadening their resources by continuing their education, finding meaningful employment, attending other support groups, and volunteering. The Aftercare Program provides community through weekly meetings, What’s App chats and monthly counselling.

Through the Aftercare Program, women continue to develop skills in dealing with triggers that arise, recognizing relapse signs, and making healthy decisions for themselves and their children. It is imperative to talk regularly to reinforce the skills and tools these women have gained while at Adeara; as sometimes old patterns may arise. Over the past year, we have seen women become more involved in their communities, churches and children’s schools. While learning to live healthy vibrant lives, the women can also uncover other addictions that surface and need to be addressed. Without the support and accountability Adeara provides through the Aftercare Program, these women could easily overlook these weak points, and put themselves at risk of relapsing into their primary addiction.

As life rarely operates in a linear format, the women experience many ups and downs as they transition to a life without addiction. Addiction aims to isolate, which is why we are adamant about the importance of real connection in our programming. As a result of Adeara’s programming, we have seen a decline in unhealthy choices, improved money management and quickness to identify the red flags that lead to abusing substances again. We have also seen their gifts and creativity rise to the surface, where their previous addiction kept it smothered. The women now know the value they bring to their community, friends, and family.

The Aftercare Program provides a safe space for the women to show up without judgment and be held accountable. They feel loved and cared for, which helps them grow forward into a life of sustainable recovery, that will impact generations to come.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Edmonton Realtor’s Community Foundation for helping make this essential Aftercare Program possible for our residents transitioning out of the program. By maintaining aftercare addiction recovery support with vulnerable women in recovery, we create a better-equipped community to handle the challenges of the future.