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The Heart of a Mother

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a mom.”

That was my only dream growing up. To my surprise, I became a mom at the age of 17. Regardless of what others said, I was going to be the mom my little girl deserved. Over the years, I thrived as a mom. I had a purpose. I was blessed with seven beautiful children. … Read More

How Motherhood Impacted My Recovery

When I first arrived at Adeara, I was very lost and broken. Two years prior, my children were apprehended by Children Family Services (CFS). When I came to Adeara, I couldn’t see or talk to my children. I needed to show that I was serious about recovery. I had very little self-confidence, if any, in myself and as a mother. … Read More

Krystle’s Story

Before Adeara my relationship with alcohol was one-sided and volatile. Every waking moment was about taking that next drink. At first, I enjoyed how it made my anxiety disappear, and I didn’t feel like I always had to be “on.” … Read More

Cassie’s Story

My life before recovery was chaotic; although I was always around people, I was so lonely. I slept three hours during the day because my nights were full of criminal activity or driving all over Alberta, transporting large amounts of drugs. There was not a moment in my meth addiction where I was sober. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel anything because I was so scared.   Read More

Leap of Faith 2023 Registration Open!

Have you ever dreamed of stepping outside your comfort zone and free-falling into an experience of a lifetime? Join bold changemakers from across the region – daring people just like you – who are inspired to take a giant leap in support of the women and children at Adeara Recovery Centre. If you’re up to the challenge, register TODAY at Read More

Adeara’s Aftercare Program

Thanks to the Edmonton Realtor’s Community Foundation’s (RFC) support, Adeara has invested in an enhanced aftercare program for residents living independently in 2022 and seeks to continue to do so in 2023.

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Your Impact in 2022

With your help this year, we saw women find true freedom through recovery. Despite an increased demand for recovery services and a decreased capacity to serve, Adeara continues to adapt because of your support. For the past few years, due to Covid, we have not been able to house multiple women in the same suite, causing us to pivot and make more space for women with kids in their care.… Read More

Coldest Night of the Year 2023

We are teaming up with Coldest Night of the Year for our third year of hosting a chilly walk around the block to raise funds and awareness for women in need. Coldest Night of the Year is a national event where families and community members can walk to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger.

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Past Criminal, Uncovers True Identity

I used to think that the criminal world was who I was and where I belonged. But now I realize that I am more than my past because I am forgiven by God. He made me perfect in His image. I am new in Christ. … Read More

You Matter More

I used to think it didn’t matter if I lived or died – I was given a chance, and I blew it. But now I realize that my addiction was too much to take on by myself. It was stronger than I realized. … Read More