About Adeara

About Us

Since 1998, Adeara has worked fearlessly to transform the lives of women struggling with addiction, poverty, trauma, and abuse. During that time, we have helped more than 600 women and their families rebuild their lives. The need for addiction recovery services in our community continues to grow, and we’ve set some daring goals to help us build for the future. We want to reach more women and children in crisis, expand our services, and collaborate with community partners on the creation of a new, larger facility.

Together with our donors, we are committed to making sure that women who suffer from addiction, trauma, and abusive situations can heal. Rebuilding even one women’s life can break the cycle of addiction and create a lasting positive impact that can be felt across our community.

We’re ready to grow forward, together.

Our Journey

Our organization began in 1998 as an extension of Edmonton’s Inner City Mission and grew out of an escalating need for a long-term recovery program for women in the downtown core. Formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre, we first operated out of two houses on 96 St.

In 2005, we moved out of the inner city to an apartment complex. This new facility had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of Adeara’s programming, giving at-risk women a safe space to heal. Well over 600 women have been assisted through our program since its inception and, to realize our vision of changing communities through changed lives, Adeara is working to expand again.

CAC Accreditation

Adeara is an accredited addictions recovery centre. We are accredited through the Canadian Accreditation Council (CAC), the nationally recognized leader in standards excellence.

Accredited by Canadian Accreditation Council