Adeara is an accredited addiction recovery centre that helps women establish a life free from addiction.

We provide long-term residential recovery programming for women in Alberta.

About Us

Adeara is an accredited addiction recovery centre for women and their children. We provide long-term, research-based programming to women in need in a residential setting. We’re here to walk with women through every step of their recovery journey—from addiction to sobriety, and transitioning back into the community.

We’re proud to be one of the few addiction recovery centres in Canada that accept both women and their children. There are few centres in Canada that have the capacity to shelter both women and their children while the mother receives care. There are even fewer of these centres that are long-term and residential.

We offer compassionate care to keep families together. We don’t want women to have to choose between getting help and taking care of their children. The program at our treatment centre is one of the lengthiest in Canada and provides women with the time they need for a new start.

At the centre of our programming is faith-based practice. We firmly believe in the spiritual, transformative power of the biblical Christ. God’s redemptive power provides hope, healing, and restoration to every single life as they are now.

Our Program

What is Adeara?

Our History

Our organization began in 1998 as an extension of Edmonton’s Inner City Mission. We grew out of an escalating need for a long-term recovery program for women in the downtown core. Formerly known as the Edmonton Dream Centre or “The Pink House,” we first operated out of a house on 96 Street.

In 2005, we moved out of the inner city to an apartment complex. This new facility had a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of Adeara’s programming. At-risk women now had a new safe space to heal—away from the challenges of the inner city. Since we started, we have helped more than 650 women and their families rebuild their lives. But the work is not done yet.

The need for addiction recovery services in our community continues to grow and we’ve set ambitious goals to equip Adeara for the future. We want to reach more women and children than ever by expanding our services and collaborating with community partners on the creation of a new, larger facility. To truly realize our vision of healing in Alberta, we must continue to expand.

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Mental Health Services Protection Act

Adeara is a licensed service provider under the provisions of the Part 1 Mental Health Services Protect Act to provide Residential Addiction Treatment Services in Alberta. Adeara is a proud recipient of the CIP Operating Grant.

CAC Accreditation
CAC Accreditation

Adeara is an accredited addictions recovery centre. We are accredited through the Canadian Accreditation Council (CAC), the nationally recognized leader in standards excellence.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our vision is to see women in addiction experience freedom through a life of recovery.

Our mission is to empower and equip women to live in sustainable recovery through hope, healing, and restoration by providing long-term, faith-based programming, counselling, and life skills support.

Our values are serving women and their children with love, compassion, dignity, respect, integrity and accountability.


  • Dedicated to recovery in a residential program
  • Exceptional, educational environment
  • Accountable and aligned in Christian faith
  • Meeting the needs of women and their children

Community Reports

With your support, we have accomplished so much. Take a look at our Community Reports through the years for a snapshot of what we’ve achieved and what’s ahead for the women of Adeara.