You Matter More

December 14, 2022

I used to think it didn’t matter if I lived or died – I was given a chance, and I blew it. But now I realize that my addiction was too much to take on by myself. It was stronger than I realized. I am so much more than my addiction. People like to be around me. God has a purpose for me. My story is not over.

People may think, “one success in recovery is so minimal. Why bother?” But they should know Adeara’s focus on so many aspects of addiction recovery allowed me to adequately address the deep issues that led to my addiction.

By Adeara Resident (not pictured)

Women come to Adeara with thoughts, feelings and pasts that tell them they’re not worth our help. When you support Adeara, you help our residents realize their value. And that realization is priceless. Just as the women at Adeara matter more than they had believed, you matter more than you might think. 

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