Resident Stories

Recovery Is Possible

I’ve had experiences in my life that I would have never wished on my worst enemy and on more than one occasion I found myself wondering what I did to deserve any of it. Reflecting back over my life and that question, I understand now that I didn’t do anything to deserve those misfortunes, but more importantly, God was shaping me through those experiences into the person I am today.

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Adeara Saved Me as a Mom

Before I came to Adeara, my life was okay. I was ten months sober when I first arrived; however, that doesn’t mean life was always good. I struggled to maintain sobriety, especially in a small community with no resources. It was hard, and learning how to be a full-time mom at the same time was a challenge in itself. … Read More

The Heart of a Mother

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a mom.”

That was my only dream growing up. To my surprise, I became a mom at the age of 17. Regardless of what others said, I was going to be the mom my little girl deserved. Over the years, I thrived as a mom. I had a purpose. I was blessed with seven beautiful children. … Read More

How Motherhood Impacted My Recovery

When I first arrived at Adeara, I was very lost and broken. Two years prior, my children were apprehended by Children Family Services (CFS). When I came to Adeara, I couldn’t see or talk to my children. I needed to show that I was serious about recovery. I had very little self-confidence, if any, in myself and as a mother. … Read More

Krystle’s Story

Before Adeara my relationship with alcohol was one-sided and volatile. Every waking moment was about taking that next drink. At first, I enjoyed how it made my anxiety disappear, and I didn’t feel like I always had to be “on.” … Read More

Cassie’s Story

My life before recovery was chaotic; although I was always around people, I was so lonely. I slept three hours during the day because my nights were full of criminal activity or driving all over Alberta, transporting large amounts of drugs. There was not a moment in my meth addiction where I was sober. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel anything because I was so scared.   Read More

Past Criminal, Uncovers True Identity

I used to think that the criminal world was who I was and where I belonged. But now I realize that I am more than my past because I am forgiven by God. He made me perfect in His image. I am new in Christ. … Read More

You Matter More

I used to think it didn’t matter if I lived or died – I was given a chance, and I blew it. But now I realize that my addiction was too much to take on by myself. It was stronger than I realized. … Read More

Kristin’s Story

When I lost my son at 30 days old, I felt so defeated. I relapsed and it crushed me because I didn’t believe I could ever stay clean. I couldn’t get clean for myself. I couldn’t stay clean for my son.… Read More

Samantha’s Story

I have battled with addiction for almost 25 years. My mother and father were very set in their lifestyle of drinking and drug use when they had me. When I was around two years old, my mom left my dad and took me to her boyfriend’s house in Edmonton. … Read More

Michelle’s Story


I doubted that I could ever be sober this long. I doubted I would see my son unsupervised, and even though I didn’t have a bunch of money or these giant outings planned with him I was able to laugh, smile and have the most fun because I was sober and really in the moment.… Read More

Kristen’s Story


Some of the doubts I’ve had to overcome in my recovery include not feeling like I’m good enough, feeling like I’m a bad mom, and not feeling worthy of good things. In my addiction I allowed the guys I was in relationship with to make all my choices and decide everything for me. … Read More

Kristin’s Story


While in recovery these past 22 months I’ve been able to overcome the loud voice in my head that shouts I’m just a junkie and won’t amount to much. I’ve also battled with feelings of inadequacy for being a mom and didn’t believe it was possible to achieve financial security for my son’s future.… Read More

Jocelan’s Story


Hi, my name is Jocelan and I’m 42 years old. I grew up in an alcoholic home, with my mom, dad and my older sister. My dad was the drinker. My early life consisted of many types of abuse, some in the home and outside the home. I struggled in school and was diagnosed with ADHD. It was fairly new, and treatment was even newer, and I slipped through the cracks.… Read More

Randi’s Story

Before I came to Adeara, I was in a dark place. I lost my brother and my dad. My daughter Matt-Lynn had been taken away from me. Through those dark years everyone around me was telling me “You just need to pray.” I thought, “Pray, yeah right.” I’d go back to the way it was in my childhood.… Read More

Cheyanne’s Poem

“I wrote this when I first got sober.” – Cheyanne

I’ve been here before I think,
I’ve been here before I swear…
I thought I overcame it then,
Now I don’t seem to care.… Read More

Kristin’s Story

Kristin's Story

I was already in treatment when I heard about Adeara. What I found out was they had a class based on the book The Genesis Process by Michael Dye. For some time, I’d heard a lot of great things about this particular book.… Read More

Bobbi’s Story

Bobbi's Story

Hello. My name is Bobbi, and I am a resident at Adeara Recovery Centre. I’m a mother of two beautiful little girls, and I’ve been at Adeara for nine months. So far in my experience at Adeara, I have received the tools for building a stronger and healthier relationship with my daughters. … Read More

Natasha’s Story

Natasha's Story

I learned that God is not angry, a vengeful, and judging man on a throne and that he does not cause bad things to happen when I sin. I learned that anything negative doesn’t come from Him and instead it comes from… Read More

Mavis’s Story

Mavis' Story

Adeara has modeled what true Recovery looks like, they’ve given me all the tools I need to survive the disease of addiction, along with outstanding supports within the staff. My spirituality has taken on new depths… Read More

Nicole’s Story

Nicole's Story

After going through a few really tough times in my life, I did not know how to deal with the pain, depression and anxiety I had, so I turned to alcohol, after years of abusing my body both mentally and physically I ended up being hospitalized. My family being extremely worried about me sent me to Adeara. Read More

Kristi’s Story

Kristi's Story

The question comes to me why more of us do not share the truth of our existence.

Fear was my answer. Fear of others… Read More