Every day we are privileged to see firsthand the impact our programs have on the women and families we serve.

Meet some of the women who fuel our desire to continue delivering high-impact solutions and programs.

Amber’s story

Amber's story

Significant moment in my recovery would be moving to the transitional house. I was quite scared to move out of the Adeara Recovery Centre because I didn’t truly believe or trust in myself …

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Natasha’s story

Natasha's story

I learned that God is not angry, a vengeful, and judging man on a throne and that he does not cause bad things to happen when I sin. I learned that anything negative doesn’t come from Him and instead it comes from …

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Mavis’ story

Mavis' story

Adeara has modeled what true Recovery looks like, they’ve given me all the tools I need to survive the disease of addiction, along with outstanding supports within the staff. My spirituality has taken on new depths …

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Nicole’s story

My Story

After going through a few really tough times in my life, I did not know how to deal with the pain, depression and anxiety I had, so I turned to alcohol, after years of abusing my body both mentally and physically I ended up being hospitalized …

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There is no luck in life; God has a plan for us

There is no luck in life; God has a plan for us

The question comes to me why more of us do not share the truth of our existence.

Fear was my answer. Fear of others …

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