the front of the sylvan lake building during winter

Update: Sylvan Lake Expansion

July 2, 2024

Dear community and supporters: we come to you with an important update regarding the Sylvan Lake property expansion announced in 2021. After extensive, careful consideration by our Board and Leadership Team, coupled with unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards in our program, we have come to the difficult conclusion to halt the Sylvan Lake property expansion indefinitely. While this decision was made with heavy hearts, we are confident it is the right one for Adeara, and would like to share more with you of the reasoning behind it.

Evaluation of the Project

As an organization, we continue to have an earnest desire to expand. Over the past year, we have been diligently refining our program, evaluating our priorities, and strategically assessing our growth trajectory. While our team was enthusiastic about the prospect of the Lakeside Recovery Project, it became apparent that a long-term program of Adeara’s nature could not be executed as a short-term initiative, which would be necessary due to the physical limitations of the property acquired.

This decision does not weigh lightly on us, as we recognize the positive impact the Lakeside Recovery Project could have had on the community in Central Alberta, which continues to need increased addiction support services. In an area of much need, we are compelled to focus on our strengths—long-term recovery programming for women and their children—to make the greatest impact we can in Alberta.

Over the past decade, Adeara has been blessed with numerous opportunities for growth, and it’s fair to say that we have grown much ourselves. As we considered and evaluated each for not only its potential impact, but its sustainability, alignment to our vision, and impact on Adeara’s program, we have learned more about Adeara’s strengths and opportunities for growth than we could have anticipated. Today, we find ourselves with renewed focus and clarity of purpose, which guide our vision to grow and create greater impact for Edmonton and our community.

We would like to thank every voice of support, donor, and organization that saw the potential of this project, and for your understanding amidst our further evaluation and decision. Our commitment to growth is not diminished, but strengthened, and we continue to need your assistance in our plans to expand.

Moving Forward

While the Lakeside Recovery Project will no longer be a part of Adeara’s expansion plan, the Sylvan Lake property, generously purchased by The PAR Foundation, remains an opportunity for positive impact on the Sylvan Lake and Central Alberta community. We look forward to witnessing the renewed vision and impact The PAR Foundation will create through the property.

Adeara continues to plan for expansion that will increase our impact. Please look forward to future updates regarding Adeara’s expansion. We remain dedicated to our mission and our optimistic about the continued growth and success of our organization.

Thank you for your understanding.


Lori Patrick
Executive Director