Empowered, Worthy and Valuable

Women come to Adeara with thoughts, feelings and pasts that tell them they’re not worth our help. When you support Adeara, you help our residents realize their value, just like Michelle, Kristen and Kristen have.


“Shame, fear, anxiety, and loneliness has made it a struggle to move forward. There was no possibility of change or growth. I have learned now that feelings and thoughts are not permanent, they shall pass. I do matter.”


“I’ve had to overcome feeling like I’m not good enough, feeling like I’m a bad mom, and not feeling worthy of good things. I allowed the guys I was with to make me feel stupid, unworthy and not good enough. Today I know my worth.”


“My past has haunted me and I’ve carried it around like a dirty laundry bag. I would recount the things I’ve done and rationalize that I did not deserve a better life. But every morning I realize God won’t leave me where he found me.”

Recovery Takes Support.

It’s our turn as a community to change our thinking. Each of us can make an impact on addiction. Addiction is treatable with the right support. And each one of us can help make that treatment available today.

How You Can Help

From covering the cost of our programming to assisting with our new centre renovations, there are many ways to support Adeara this year. Browse our areas of need below.

  • Support a Woman in Recovery

    You can help us keep recovery accessible to all. For one woman and her children to receive a full year of treatment, it costs Adeara $42,000. That covers her programming, counselling, support from our Life Skill Support Staff, and secure housing.

    By supporting a woman with children in recovery, you are helping Adeara meet our most consistent and greatest need. Every gift counts. Give Online Today

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  • Sylvan Lake Centre Renovations

    Before our Central Alberta property is ready to go, the centre must undergo renovations to prepare it for its new purpose. We will be adding more bedrooms, offices, and making layout changes to create a fully-functioning addiction recovery centre. With your support, we can open our doors by the summer of 2022.

    Contact lori@adeara.ca to give.

  • Sylvan Lake Recovery Programming

    Once our centre is ready to go, we’ll be starting an entirely new 3-month addiction recovery program for women in Central Alberta. We expect that it will cost at least $112 per day to support one woman, which is $3,500 per month. Help us expand our programming and meet this need. Give Online Today.

  • Continue Aftercare Support

    We’ve had the incredible opportunity through an Alberta grant to expand our aftercare program. When a woman leaves Adeara, the aftercare program is how she stays in touch and keeps receiving support from our team. Keeping a strong community is essential for recovery. With your support, we can continue developing this program. Give Online Today

    • $2,000 – one month of program
    • $24,000 – full year of program
  • Support Adeara's Edmonton Facility

    Perhaps the least fun but also the most necessary, maintenance costs of our centre are an ongoing expense. From replacing windows to repairing appliances to refreshing suites, we work to keep Adeara in excellent shape for each resident.

    It can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 per year to provide the necessary maintenance to keep Adeara going. Give Online Today

Create Long-term Change for $35 per Month

The true heroes in this house are the women who make the choice every day to change their lives and the future lives of their children. By joining the Heroes in the House, you walk alongside them in their journey, providing the tools they need to succeed.

Make a Long-Term Impact for $35/mo


Your Impact in 2021

With your help this year, we saw women find true freedom from addiction. Despite an increased demand for recovery services and a decreased capacity to serve, Adeara was able to adapt.

When we were no longer able to house multiple women in the same suite, we pivoted and made more space for women with kids in their care. We updated our mother’s room and started child and family programming for the kids and their mothers. We extended our aftercare program to be more supportive of women who have left the program. In 2021,

  • 4 women received their 6 month certificate,
  • 2 women received their 1 year certificate,
  • 4 women returned to school or work, and
  • 18 women were served

Ways to Give

Give whichever way makes you feel most comfortable, whether that’s online, by cheque through the mail (Box 68169, 162 Bonnie Doon Centre, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4N6), or by phone. Please note that calls can only be received during weekday business hours.

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