How Motherhood Impacted My Recovery

May 1, 2023

When I first arrived at Adeara, I was very lost and broken. Two years prior, my children were apprehended by Children Family Services (CFS). When I came to Adeara, I couldn’t see or talk to my children. I needed to show that I was serious about recovery. I had very little self-confidence, if any, in myself and as a mother.

Since being at Adeara for over a year, I have my children back. My three daughters live with me full-time, and my son comes three weekends a month. Motherhood has impacted my recovery in positive ways. It has given me strength when I needed it. I genuinely feel my children have been positively affected by my recovery.

The more work I do with the Lord and in my recovery to learn how to be my best healthy self, the better I am at being the mother God intended me to be. Today, my relationship with my children is the best it’s ever been. We are close again – in a healthy way. My girls feel safe with me; they can trust me now. One of my favourite memories at Adeara is being with my daughter and helping her prepare for her first day of school.

One of my biggest challenges is learning how to parent sober. God and the tools I’ve learned make this possible. Some tools I’ve learned that help me as a mother are: boundaries, accountability, understanding love, and parenting with a purpose. Learning to be healthy in all areas of my life as a full-time single mom of three girls and one son can be very challenging.

What surprises me the most is how God makes the impossible possible! How God is healing and restoring my beautiful family. There was a time when I thought all the things I put my babies through and the damage I caused them couldn’t be redeemed. God shows me daily that He can and will redeem my family.

I’ve learned how to be my best self which then allows me to be a great mother. Adeara’s parenting class has taught me how to be a healthy mother, which has been my dream since I was little. Today I’m blessed to say my dream is coming true! I’m happy that my worst day with Jesus is one hundred times better than my best day without Jesus! Today I love myself because I know in my heart that I am a daughter of the King, and I am redeemed.

By Samantha, Adeara Resident (not pictured)


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