The Heart of a Mother

May 5, 2023

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a mom.”

That was my only dream growing up. To my surprise, I became a mom at the age of 17. Regardless of what others said, I was going to be the mom my little girl deserved. Over the years, I thrived as a mom. I had a purpose. I was blessed with seven beautiful children.

I never believed there was anything that could take away the joy I felt being their mama. We were a busy family, and life happened. There were twists and turns, successes and failures. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of who I was. I realized I no longer had an identity of my own.

Before I really understood the degree of my addiction, it was too late. I thought I had everything under control. That was my first mistake. I very quickly realized I was lost, with no sense of direction.

My children saw the life draining from my body right before their eyes. By no fault of theirs, they were losing the happy, confident, safe mother they once knew. And all the while, I still couldn’t see it. The further I fell, the more hurt I caused.

My children’s tears were no longer from hurt and sadness but from extreme fear. Fear that they may actually lose their mom. That’s when I realized I needed help.

I tried many different treatment centres before coming to Adeara, but nothing fit. There seemed to be something missing still. When I walked through the doors of Adeara, I was desperate. I was riding on hope and the support of my children and family. The unconditional love and willingness of my family, along with the warm welcome and kindness from the staff, gave me the courage to keep staying—just one more day.

Shortly after I arrived, I started to feel a change in my heart. That’s when I began my greatest adventure. Adeara provided me with the opportunity to find my identity as a mother and as a child of God. I learned what it means to be grateful and remember how important each day is.

Being a mother is a gift from God. Because of the Lord and Adeara, my children have been given the gift of their mom back. The program, staff and volunteers at Adeara have proven that fighting the illness of addictions is no longer a battle we have to fight on our own. They are committed every step of the way, right into our lifelong recovery journey.

Adeara and the Lord have changed my life. If you are struggling today, I encourage you to believe in yourself, let go and let God. I did.

By Angela, Adeara resident (not pictured)


This Mother’s Day, we hope to raise $5,000 for the mothers at Adeara who bravely choose a life of recovery. Adeara’s long-term programming is built to end the cycle of addiction, not just for one woman but for her children and their future children. Would you consider giving today to support mothers like Angela?

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