Your Impact in 2021

December 13, 2021

Thank you. With your help this year, we saw women find true freedom from addiction. Despite an increased demand for recovery services and a decreased capacity to serve, Adeara was able to adapt because of your support. When we were no longer able to house multiple women in the same suite, we pivoted and made more space for women with kids in their care. We updated our mother’s room and started child and family programming for the kids and their mothers. We extended our aftercare program to be more supportive of women who have left the program.

Most excitingly, we’ve seen lives transformed. You helped…

  • Randi, mother of two, who found hope and purpose for the first time at Adeara and credits Adeara for saving her life.
  • Jocelan, a previous resident, who is now a staff at Adeara and is supporting and encouraging the women who stand where she once stood.
  • Kristin, mother of a young boy, who is attending school and volunteering as a result of her progress made at Adeara.

That’s not all. In 2021*,

  • 4 women received their 6 month certificate,
  • 2 women received their 1 year certificate,
  • 4 women returned to school or work, and
  • 18 women were served

*Note that numbers have been updated since publishing – previous statistics were incorrectly from 2020, not 2021.

Our women at Adeara learn that they are more important than their thoughts, feelings, and what society has told them. As a supporter of Adeara, you matter more than you think, too. Thank you.

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