Michelle’s Story

December 13, 2021

I doubted that I could ever be sober this long. I doubted I would see my son unsupervised, and even though I didn’t have a bunch of money or these giant outings planned with him I was able to laugh, smile and have the most fun because I was sober and really in the moment.

Before, in addiction everything seemed so boring, I needed (well, thought I needed) risks, adventures constantly. I never thought I could ever just be enjoying everything God has given me. Everything I have taken for granted or just not noticed.

Shame, fear, anxiety, loneliness has made it a struggle to move forward. In the past, when I was in so much shame, I could never be honest. Because of this, no one could ever support me the way I needed to be supported. There was no possibility of change or growth. I have learned now that feelings and thoughts are not permanent, they shall pass. I have also learned how to feel my feelings instead of trying to repress them. I believe me working, looking at my beliefs in myself is important for growth and my recovery.

I do matter. I struggle seeing this all the time but am much better than I’ve ever been.

By Michelle (not pictured above)

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