Kristin’s Story

December 13, 2021

While in recovery these past 22 months I’ve been able to overcome the loud voice in my head that shouts I’m just a junkie and won’t amount to much. I’ve also battled with feelings of inadequacy for being a mom and didn’t believe it was possible to achieve financial security for my son’s future. However, I’ve taken some vital and wise steps to ensure my son and I’s future is stable and healthy with the strong support I’ve received from Adeara along the way.

My past has haunted me and I’ve carried it around like a dirty laundry bag, I would recount the things I’ve done and rationalize that I did not deserve a better life. This way of thinking previously kept me limited to my “first draft” of who I thought I was. But every morning I conquer the day and realize God just keeps lifting me from Glory to Glory, he won’t leave me where he found me.

Each day I am reminded I am the one sheep Jesus left the 99 to find. Also I am treated like gold and haven’t been looked down on by any of the staff or volunteers. I know they are near to build me up, not tear me down.

By Kristin (not pictured above)

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