Coldest Night of the Year: We Made It!

February 26, 2021

Together, we raised over $70,000 for women in need of long-term, community-based addiction recovery! Because of your help, more women desiring to escape from addiction and its associated traumas, homelessness and abuse can have access to our amazing residential and kid-friendly centre. We hope that you are incredibly proud of yourself, your team, and your community.

A New Event for Adeara

This winter, we hosted Coldest Night of the Year in Edmonton West for the first time. We asked you, our community, to create and join teams of walkers to raise money and walk for the women of our centre, who often face homelessness, hurting and hunger in their addictions. January and February blew us away as we had team after team join our cause and blow past their fundraising goals.

Our Goal Exceeded… Twice!

Since it was our first year taking part in the national Coldest Night of the Year fundraising event, we set our goal at a recommended $30K, as most charities reach $20-30K in their first year and we felt ambitious. By early February, we had already exceed our goal. About two weeks before the walk on February 20th, we raised our goal to $42K, and one week to go, we blew past it again! As of today, we have raised just over $70K, with donations still coming in (you can still donate here). This is an astounding miracle for our centre, and we are extremely grateful for all of you who were involved through walking for Adeara, donating to a walker or volunteering.

Special thanks to volunteers Charlene Dykstra and Kim Kotylak, who went above and beyond to help our team make everything go smoothly!

Awards for 2021

Congratulations to the 13 individuals who raised over $1,000! Give it up for Charissa Shine, Amanda Kassian, Ann Prins, Sally Leder, Marleen Gray, Michelle Kool, Kyla Turner, Kerri McLaughlin-Phillips, Kathie Powell, N Slack, Regan Kuhhn, Jason Shine, and Lori Patrick. And another round of applause for these incredible people:

  • Top Fundraising Team: ‘Adeara Team’, led by Deanna Noot raised $7,776.25
  • Top Fundraising Individual: Charissa Shine (team ‘Pay It Forward’) raised a total of $3,350
  • Boldest Walker: Kyla Turner walked in shorts and a tee because she hit her goal of $1,000
  • Largest Team: With 19 walkers on each team, ‘CAC U13 AA Cutting Edge Flooring’ and ‘Wolbrrrtons and Friends’ tied!

Thank you all so much for jumping on board this new initiative with us. Keep your eyes peeled for Leap of Faith (our upcoming skydive fundraiser) news and we hope to see you at our Coldest Night of the Year walk next February 26th, 2022!