The Need is Growing

The addiction crisis is growing. Over recent years, Canada has seen rising rates of opioid related harms and staggering numbers of overdose or poisoning deaths (CCSA, 2019). There are many short-term treatment centres, but sustainable change can’t always be achieved in a few weeks or months. The roots of addiction run deep, and they don’t let up easily. You can help us create sustainable change today.

The Relentless Cycle of Addiction

You can give women in addiction the opportunity to change their story. At Adeara, our team of compassionate professionals help women to understand how addiction has impacted them, to learn how to engage in active recovery and to change the future for their children.

A parent who abuses drugs and alcohol in the home can negatively affect emotional and behavioural patterns in the family and create a distorted view of what is “normal” and “safe”.

A child from that home carries the long-lasting effects of addiction: psychological, biological, social and spiritual.

In adulthood, the individual may experience pain, trauma, stress or environmental factors that trigger addiction. What might start as casual drug and alcohol use can quickly escalate into a coping mechanisms to escape, numb or avoid pain.

Create Long-term Change for $35 per Month

The true heroes in this house are the women who make the choice every day to change their lives and the future lives of their children. By joining the Heroes in the House, you walk alongside them in their journey, providing the tools they need to succeed.

Make a Long-Term Impact for $35/mo

Jen & Andrew’s Story of Support

“I believe that having somebody believe in you, and love you, and know you can change, and help you walk through that, can change a person’s life.” Sharing our stories is a courageous way of telling other people they aren’t alone. In this video, Jen and Andrew share their personal story and why they chose to support the women of Adeara.

Your Impact

Because we believe in offering an accessible program to all, we don’t ask our residents to pay for their programming. Each resident only pays for a portion of their rent and we take on the responsibility of covering the rest. As a monthly supporter, you provide women with the opportunity to access the help they need, regardless of their financial situation. Of each donation:

  • 50 per cent goes towards a woman’s long-term, sustainable addiction recovery programming
  • 30 per cent supports the safe living conditions of our centre: security, 24/7 support and comfortable living in individual suites
  • 20 per cent helps women at our centre meet their basic needs

To treat individuals trapped in the addictive cycle, we must address the underlying pain. When you support Adeara, you provide women with the chance to recover on their own timeline, with professional support and care through the whole process.


I have learned that setting boundaries is okay and healthy for relationships. I’ve learned to challenge my thinking and change from a negative to positive.


Having a mentor was the best gift after leaving Adeara to help me grow and stay connected to the place that saved my life.


The fact the Adeara houses the kids with their moms, they get to see their moms being resilient and learn resilience too. That the whole family heals together from addiction and learn how to relate in healthy ways is amazing! I wish there were a million of you.


As time has gone by and I’ve opened up to counsellors, I’m finally here for me, almost six months later.