Arrangements of Hope

October 27, 2022

We are excited to share that thanks to Swish + Company, the residents of Adeara will be participating in a professionally led workshop to create flower bouquets that represent their unique healing journey’s thus far.

Much like the raw, unfinished flowers at the beginning of the workshop, women often come to Adeara in pieces. Day by day, they begin to form something new and beautiful in their faith, their relationships, and their lives. We have the privilege of reminding them they’ve been beautiful and worthy of the work all along.

Piece-by-piece, the women will arrange each individual flower chosen for a reason – to help tell a piece of their story. Every flower placed together to create a new finished product. A look of plentitude that could not have been achieved as an individual flower.

These 10  Arrangements of Hope symbolize the lives of the 10 women who live at Adeara in a year:

  • 10 incredibly strong women who just don’t know their worth yet.
  • 10 fearful women who will muster up the courage to walk through the doors of Adeara.
  • 10 women who have no idea what to expect but will choose to put their trust in Adeara as their home.
  • 10 brave women who are desperate to break the cycle of addiction for their children, and their children’s children.
  • 10  women who are hopeful that Adeara might facilitate the permanent change they need in their lives.

On November 4th, at Adeara’s Evening of Dreams Gala, you will have the opportunity to see these Arrangements of Hope and bid on them in our live auction in support of the women who stories are represented behind these 10 bouquets.

Amidst the bouquets there will be other incredible items to bid on in the live auction part of the program. Such as an authentic autographed Connor Mcdavid jersey, a weeklong stay at Christina Lake at Lakeshire Cabin for 12 guests, and a weeklong stay in Cancun, Mexico!

There are less than 80 tickets left to the Evening of Dreams Gala taking place Friday, November 4, 2022. Don’t wait any longer to secure your seat and be a part of this powerful evening of hope and transformation. Visit today.