Leap of Faith 2022 Recap

June 30, 2022

On June 10th we had our 9th annual Leap of Faith skydive fundraiser! Our 23 jumpers raised over $40,000 for women in addiction and spent the day out at Alberta Skydive Central to celebrate their fundraising success. It was a joyous time meeting our jumpers and their friends and family, hearing what Adeara meant to them, and watching them float down from the sky.

A Quick Recap

  • We listened to live music from Josh Sahunta, a local R+B artist from Edmonton who recently released his new album “Mellowdrama.”
  • Etoroma Creative captured memories from the day in picture and video for us to cherish.
  • Hope City’s crew of volunteers helped us check in our guests and make sure the day ran smoothly in all areas. We couldn’t have done it without them!
  • Square 1 Coffee provided free coffee, hot chocolate and cookies for all our guests. The cookies especially were a hit!
  • Mr. Nice Socks and P Treats created custom Leap of Faith socks and cookies for our jumper goody bags.
  • The team at Alberta Skydive made sure we had a safe and exciting day with each skydive!

Thank you SO MUCH to our jumpers who put themselves out there and asked their families, friends and colleagues for support. Reaching a goal of $750, $1,500 and more can seem like a daunting task, but these brave individuals kept at it and made a difference for our centre.

What the Leap of Faith Means

The Leap of Faith was started in 2014 by Mark Evans, the chair of Adeara’s board. He recognized the bravery that the women in our centre show as they take nervous step after step out of addiction and into freedom. Walking into Adeara as a resident is a leap of faith: it requires complete surrender. Mark set out to personally raise money for our centre, and upon reaching his goal, took a symbolic (and literal) leap of faith out of an airplane.

The Leap of Faith skydive was born, and has involved more community members every year since!