Seeking Gift Matching Pledges for Giving Tuesday

October 22, 2021

This coming November 30th is #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving to non-profits across Canada. Last year, Adeara was able to raise $10,000 on Giving Tuesday. This year, with your support, we believe we can double that amount.

We are hoping to raise $25,000 to help cover Adeara’s daily addiction recovery programming. It costs $42,000 per year for one woman to receive care at Adeara. If we can raise even half of that total in one day, we will consider it a great success.

To reach our goal, we need your help. We would like to ask if you would consider matching donations Adeara receives on November 30th. Statistics show that mentioning matching gifts in fundraising appeals results in a 71% increase in the response rate and a 51% increase in the average donation amount. Matching gifts not only doubles the public’s donation, but it also makes your donation go further!

Matching donations can be tailored to your desired level of involvement. There are many ways to customize your pledge, such as:

  • Matching in ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 etc.
  • Matching up to a certain amount (e.g. $5,000, $10,000)
  • Matching the first [set amount] (e.g. first $1,000 of the day)

After you have pledged to match donations for Adeara on #GivingTuesday, we will collect your personalized pledge information and confirm whether you (or your organization) would like to be acknowledged. In the week before November 30th, Adeara will advertise the opportunity to the public and its donors.

On #GivingTuesday, donations will be collected through a special online giving page for 24 hours. We will contact all matching donors the next day with the total donation amount that was received through the campaign.

If you have any questions or feedback, we welcome you to contact us anytime at kendra@adeara.ca. I would be happy to explain our program in more detail. Thank you deeply for your consideration. Your partnership would make a meaningful difference for our organization and the women Adeara serves.


Kendra Thompson

Marketing & Fund Development Assistant