Kristin’s Story

May 20, 2021

I was already in treatment when I heard about Adeara. What I found out was they had a class based on the book The Genesis Process by Michael Dye. For some time, I’d heard a lot of great things about this particular book.

I want to shed some light briefly about why this book attracted me to Adeara… As you know, I’m an addict. I’ve also experienced behavioural and mental health issues since I was a preteen. Therefore, I bounced from program to program to correct my behaviour. I was referred to specialists and put in several heavily monitored research projects all to fix and or label me. So, you guessed right, I’ve read a lot and learnt a lot in my earlier years as I was exposed to several approaches to “heal” me. But nothing with real sustenance to aid in my recovery. The materials I was introduced to- I just was not able to put anything tangible into my toolbox. Hence why I felt so drawn here, the classes at Adeara finally matched what I thought would help me!

I was filling out the application to transfer here when I found out children are welcome to move in. God made himself known to me in an instant: I just knew down to my bones everything was going to be alright and this time around I was in for the long haul.

Last June when I moved to Adeara I already had five months clean. So, it was a seamless move and I adjusted almost immediately. Except for one rule. They told me to erase my phone. Which meant goodbye old contacts, conversations I would re-read of ex partners, and un-saved pictures and videos I did not want to part with. What I did not know then was Adeara was saving my life. Looking back, I’m so grateful for the rules and policies in place, truly a blessing in disguise.

Within the first 60 days I felt part of the inclusive family here at Adeara. Not only with the daytime staff and residents, but also with the ladies who work the overnight shift. The staff even took me on a 9-day camping trip, where I experienced some firsts, like being on a pontoon boat, kayaking, paddle boarding, and tubing.

Also, the staff worked closely with me and my support network (i.e. family, Child & Family Services, legal counsel and probation) to develop a visit schedule to see my son and a trajectory to regain custody back of him. I was supported through my outstanding legal issues and was advocated for by the wonderful women. To top it off and check off all the boxes, they helped me find a new dentist and optometrist. Due to this, I’m down a couple of teeth and now wear glasses. Thumbs up for them encouraging me to take better care of myself as well as my body. All that in my first 60 days!

I’ve called this place home now for 11 months and have intentions to stay until March 2022. As each month passes, I find myself challenged in new ways that allow me to take a deeper look at myself and grow and heal more and more. I’m not sure I’ll ever learn everything Adeara has to offer me, strictly because the curriculum keeps changing based on our needs and suggestions. However, I know that I will be well equipped once I’m ready to take flight back to the community. Adeara is not a conflict free zone, but it is a safe place to exercise voicing concerns, standing up for yourself and others, and developing conflict resolution skills that will further advance in the workplace and personal relationships.

Presently in my recovery I am working on addressing my cross addictions in codependency, sex, gambling, and food. These were previously unidentified in my life until I worked through some of the material in class. I now recognize these areas to be problems that will lead back to drug addiction if not dealt with in an effective safe environment.

So far in my stay here I have gained confidence in my skillset by utilizing the volunteer opportunity at More Than a Fad, Adeara’s thrift store. I have gained custody of my 2-year-old son back and am giving him a life to look forward to. I have discovered what my relapse behaviours and patterns are. And I have found a focus that was previously lacking in my life. I have a dream to one day become a neuroscientist.

Remembering where I started only motivates me that much more.

Kristin, 25 years old