Changes to ATB Cares Program

February 8, 2021

Adeara Recovery Centre is grateful to receive the matching support of ATB with donations through their program, ATB Cares. As of February 1st, some changes have been made to the program. The following changes only affect future donations made through the ATB Cares website.

Cause Support Fee

ATB will no longer cover the Cause Support Fee for donations: the Cause Support Fee and merchant fees will be deducted from future donations. When you donate through ATB Cares, there is a support fee of 2.9% plus merchant fees.

ATB Donation Matching

ATB will now match 20% of all donations (previously 15%) made through the program, up to a maximum of $500 in matching per donation (previously $1,000). The total amount ATB will match in a month across all causes is $30,000 (previously $20,000). The annual cap of $5,000 per cause is the same.

“This decision was made to maximize the impact of donations and to allow ATB to expand their matching program to benefit eligible causes (Alberta-based and non-religious charities).” – The Benevity Cause Support Team and ATB Financial