Archway Summer 2020

September 9, 2020

the forwardEmbracing Change

“Changing communities through changed lives.” This vision statement continues to be what moves Adeara forward. When a life experiences change, it can’t help but affect those around it. Adeara’s priority is to support women as they regain the confidence to live free from the abuse of substances. Discovering and accepting her true value, and living a life that reflects it, is the end goal for each woman.

We’re continuing to see women in our city reach out for support and hope for a better future.
Fortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from providing skills and support to women and
children. What a privilege to offer a service that brings life and rebuilds families. I want to thank our supporters from all over the Edmonton area and beyond for thinking of us, praying for us and continuing to give financially to Adeara. Your contributions during this season have made a difference.

Because of you:

  • We have kept our residents and their children safe and healthy.
  • Women and children have been able to access the support and stability that is so desperately needed.
  • We have been able to increase our attention on the needs of the children in our centre, in addition to the increased attention from the mothers.
  • We have been able to enhance our Aftercare team to provide even greater accountability and support to women as they leave our program.
  • Women who have lived through trauma, abuse, homelessness, mental illness and addiction are experiencing and learning a new way of life.

Change is a beautiful thing when we accept and let go of what is behind us and embrace what is before us. This change brings growth and new opportunities. Thanks for making change possible for women in crisis. We couldn’t provide this journey without your support!

Lori Patrick
Executive Director