Archway Summer 2020

the forwardEmbracing Change

“Changing communities through changed lives.” This vision statement continues to be what moves Adeara forward. When a life experiences change, it can’t help but affect those around it. Adeara’s priority is to support women as they regain the confidence to live free from the abuse of substances. Discovering and accepting her true value, and living a life that reflects it, is the end goal for each woman.

We’re continuing to see women in our city reach out for support and hope for a better future.
Fortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from providing skills and support to women and
children. What a privilege to offer a service that brings life and rebuilds families. I want to thank our supporters from all over the Edmonton area and beyond for thinking of us, praying for us and continuing to give financially to Adeara. Your contributions during this season have made a difference.

Because of you:

  • We have kept our residents and their children safe and healthy.
  • Women and children have been able to access the support and stability that is so desperately needed.
  • We have been able to increase our attention on the needs of the children in our centre, in addition to the increased attention from the mothers.
  • We have been able to enhance our Aftercare team to provide even greater accountability and support to women as they leave our program.
  • Women who have lived through trauma, abuse, homelessness, mental illness and addiction are experiencing and learning a new way of life.

Change is a beautiful thing when we accept and let go of what is behind us and embrace what is before us. This change brings growth and new opportunities. Thanks for making change possible for women in crisis. We couldn’t provide this journey without your support!

Lori Patrick
Executive Director

a spotlight on…More Than a Fad thrift store

More than an ordinary thrift store, More Than a Fad is helping women break free from addiction one purchase at a time. This is our thrift store story.

Unforeseen challenges

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread into the city of Edmonton, our community began to feel the widespread mental, emotional and financial impacts of isolation. At the centre, we began to feel the effects too. The women and children in our care were no longer able to engage in daily activities included in their recovery programming (such as going to church or exercising). Volunteers could no longer assist us with our daily operations. Our staff became burdened with heavier workloads, as well as new and evolving health and safety responsibilities.

At the same time, Adeara’s annual fundraisers were on the horizon. We watched as many other non-profit organizations cancelled or postponed their events. Soon, we faced the same decisions. Adeara relies on two significant fundraisers to generate the funds needed to support our year-round programming. Though we’ve been able to keep both on the calendar this year, the uncertainty of these challenges emphasized our need for a consistent, year-round income.

New opportunities

Early in 2020, Shepherd’s Care Foundation asked Adeara if we would consider taking on Treats n’ Treasures, a thrift store that had formerly raised funds to support seniors living in Shepherd’s Care facilities. If we accepted, the store would come under the ownership of Adeara and its profits would become a new source of financial support for Adeara’s programming.

This proposal was an enormous opportunity to generate consistent revenue and help garner more awareness and support for Adeara across the city. We enthusiastically accepted the offer and assembled a team to revamp the store.

A community effort

To prepare the thrift store and make it our own, there were many things on our to-do list. Our team lead, Charlene Nanninga, went straight to work, beginning with optimizing the store layout and donation sorting. Every Wednesday, she hosted volunteer work bees where several Adeara supporters came out to help with the grunt work and share a pizza supper. During the day, she and the team came to know the volunteers and store customers, and together came up with strategies to build support for the store. Over the month of June, many changes were made to the store, but the biggest came during the last week before Canada Day. The team closed the store for renovations and began painting and rebranding. On July 2nd, More Than a Fad was officially launched.

Introducing More Than a Fad

The name More Than a Fad came from one of Adeara’s support workers, Eden Evans. Eden created the name for an Instagram account where she sold second-hand clothes online and donated the proceeds to Adeara. In between selling items, Eden used the platform to tell her followers about Adeara and educate them on the realities of addiction. We loved the name and the heart behind it, and asked Eden if she would let us use it for the thrift store. With a true spirit of generosity, Eden agreed.

Since our launch, we have received tremendous support. New faces, familiar faces and the general Edmonton community have all blessed us by donating, volunteering and spreading the word. Though the store is still young, we are optimistic about the support and awareness it will bring to Adeara.

At More Than a Fad, every purchase helps women break free, you can feel good about finding beautiful, thrifty finds at a great price. You can feel even better that every purchase helps women break free from a life of addiction and helps put a stop to the generational cycle of abuse. As awareness for More Than a Fad continues to grow,
we thank God for the opportunities to support Adeara financially, engage new people with the work Adeara does, and advance the discussion of addiction recovery across our community.

Tales of hopeA Resident’s Poem

Recovery is hard,
I know because I’m in it.
Losing hope is easy, minute by minute.
They tell you to be strong,
But they don’t know what it’s like
When you have no one there
To make it alright.
Your nights were dark and lonely
And your days are long and hard
You need to reach out for help
But you don’t want to let down your guard.
It was fun in the past,
Now countless times you have told yourself
“This time is the last”
But you have made a decision
That you are going to fight
Even when happiness seems out of sight
You’ll have good days and some bad days too
But only one person can save you
And that person is you!

-Adeara Resident

Leap of Faith 2020A call to LOVE

Let’s be honest—this year has been a rough one for many. With uncertainty and relentless change leading the way, there has been a steep rise in our collective levels of fear and anxiety. At Adeara, this is often the reality for women when they first arrive: change, uncertainty, fear, anxiety. When they enter our program, they take a scary, uncomfortable leap of faith into the unknown realm of recovery. Often to their surprise, Adeara meets their fear and uncertainty with the only thing that can truly counter it: love.

The Leap of Faith fundraiser isn’t just a tandem skydive from 14,000 feet or an opportunity to check something off your bucket list. It’s an act of love. Every year, dozens of individuals choose to overcome their fear of heights at Leap of Faith to
show our women and children that they stand with them, that they believe in their ability to overcome addictions and that they are loved and worthy of support.

We invite you to jump on board this year. Help us fight fear with love—and join us for the 8th annual Leap of Faith fundraiser on Saturday, September 12th!

Not keen on jumping out of a plane?

We still need your support. Many of our jumpers have been doing their best throughout the pandemic to fundraise, but they need your help to meet their goals. Every little bit helps! Head to to get to know our jumpers and to donate to their campaigns.

COVID-19 Restrictions on Leap of Faith

Wondering how COVID-19 will impact this year’s Leap of Faith on September 12th? As of right now, in compliance with current restrictions, we are still planning our festival to include local vendors, an opportunity to eat some delish food and listen to some awesome artists, all while cheering on your favourite skydiver. You can register to attend our Leap of Faith and read all the details about how it’s continuing this year by going to our Eventbrite page. Updates will come as needed through our social media channels, so register online and stay tuned!

Evening of Dreams GalaUpdate

This year, we are excited to launch a new gala experience! The global pandemic has forced us to put our creative thinking hats on, and we have been planning a unique Evening of Dreams that involves food, good company and a virtual experience.

Presently, the gala has been postponed until the early winter of 2020 as we pull together all the details. Please stay tuned for announcements via our newsletter, website and social media.


We welcome you to donate to Adeara today so that our mission of helping women grow forward can be realized.