Natasha’s Story

December 15, 2017

I learned that God is not angry, a vengeful, and judging man on a throne and that he does not cause bad things to happen when I sin. I learned that anything negative doesn’t come from Him and instead it comes from the devil and his demons. I learned that God is not like my Earthly father or the people who were apart at the church that hurt me. I learned that God is not out of reach but that He is everywhere and in everything. He is in every cell at every living and nonliving thing on and off this planet. That he doesn’t want religion, but He just wants a connection, a relationship with me. I have been shown situations that cannot be passed up as a coincidence. Thoughts that strike me as a revelation or “ah-ha” moment and it just makes sense. I now know that it true that God is especially fond of everyone on this planet. Even if they did wrong or not because to him He knows they are not sin, but they do sinful things. Just like we are not to hate the person but hate the behavior they do. I learned how to look at others as who they are and not what they do. I listen to the voice that directs me toward good things. Example, giving someone a hug because I heard in my head to do so, I trust now in that small still voice and so far, it as not lead me astray.