Nicole’s Story

December 14, 2017

After going through a few really tough times in my life, I did not know how to deal with the pain, depression and anxiety I had, so I turned to alcohol, after years of abusing my body both mentally and physically I ended up being hospitalized. My family being extremely worried about me sent me to Adeara.

Being at the centre was one of the most difficult yet rewarding things I have done in my life. I had to learn a completely new way of living, learning new strategies how to go about my daily life. Learning how to deal with my feelings instead of pushing them aside.

While being there I found GOD again and gave my life to him, I let him take control of my life this time. I was done negotiating with him. And for the first time I felt freedom. Like I had purpose in life. I truly never realized how strong I was until I lived this journey.

I am so thankful and grateful for all the people GOD has put in my life. The love and support I have gotten from my counsellors, family and friends.

I am truly blessed in my life today with all my hard work and determination I found a great job and my kids can look at me and be proud to call me their mom.

My recovery will be a challenge at times. No one said anything worthwhile was easy but having my Father by my side cheering me on makes each hurdle in life that much easier to jump over.