The Leap of Faith Skydive

The Leap of Faith was a skydiving fundraiser where members of our community committed to a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet for women in addiction recovery. In 2023, we hosted our 10th and final Leap of Faith event, raising over $95,000 in our last year. Since the first skydive in 2014, the Leap of Faith has raised over $650,000 for Adeara Recovery Centre. Thank you to every jumper, donor, and vendor who made this incredible event possible!


The Leap of Faith was started in 2014 by Mark Evans, the chair of Adeara’s board at the time. He recognized the bravery that the women in our centre show as they take nervous step after step out of addiction and into freedom. Walking into Adeara as a resident is a leap of faith: it requires complete surrender. Mark set out to personally raise money for our centre and, upon reaching his goal, took a symbolic (and literal) leap of faith out of an airplane.

Over the last ten years, over 200 brave individuals joined him in taking the ‘leap of faith’ in honour of the women taking courageous steps towards recovery at Adeara, collectively raising over $650,000. Thank you for empowering our work by choosing to conquer some of your fears! Together we are empowering women trapped in addiction experience freedom.

10 Year Recap Video