Coldest Night of the Year

The Coldest Night of the Year is a national event, held every February, where families and community members can walk to raise money in support of charities—like Adeara—that serve people experiencing homelessness, hurt and hunger.

Our team understands that many women who come through Adeara’s doors have experienced homelessness alongside their addiction. Tragically, homelessness and addiction often operate hand-in-hand. Establishing a strong path to recovery could also mean a woman might never experience homelessness again.

How Does CNOY Work?

Every winter, you will be able to sign up to lead a team or join a team of individuals walking 2K to 10K outdoors for the women of Adeara. Each team typically consists of 7 or more people and collectively raises $1500 for Adeara (about $150 a person). When the CNOY event day comes around, all teams for Adeara, in Edmonton, and across Canada take to the streets and walk a route set by the charity. We walk the route, meet other groups, show off our cool CNOY toques, and partake in warm drinks and snacks. Our next CNOY walk is Feb 24, 2024!

More About CNOY

How Do I Get Involved?

This is an exciting opportunity to engage families, young and old, to come around a cause together and experience the Coldest Night of the Year. We’d like to see our Adeara community—families, friends, classrooms, coworkers, and small groups—come together and walk in solidarity for the women at Adeara who have experienced hurt, homelessness, and hunger through addiction.

To sign up, you’ll need to visit our CNOY registration page (link will be below) and sign up as a team captain to start a team or sign up to join a team. We also have volunteer opportunities! All the details about the event can be found there, and you’ll see us posting updates on our social media and website. We hope to see you and meet you at our next CNOY walk!

Visit Adeara’s CNOY Page

About the Organization

The Coldest Night of the Year is hosted Canada-wide by the Blue Sea Foundation. As the host of the event, they decide the date, reach out to charities to get involved, and provide all the details to the charities on how it works. In other words, they do the bulk of the work so that Adeara staff can reach more people and raise more funds for women in need! In return, a small portion of the fundraising proceeds goes towards the Blue Sea Foundation to cover the cost of putting on the event. In our first year of participating in Coldest Night of the Year, we raised over $70,000 for our women in recovery. That’s waaay past our goal of $30,000! We have you, our community, and Blue Sea Foundation to thank!

About Blue Sea Foundation