Board Farewell Announcement

September 21, 2022

We would like to take time to recognize those leaving the Adeara Board this year: Mark Evans, Connie Spooner, and Charlene Dykstra. We pray for God’s blessing as these members move forward to other areas of opportunity where they can put their skills and passion to use.

Mark Evans – Board Chair, 2007-2022

Mark Evans, our Chairman, who has been involved in Adeara for a number of years, is completing a total of 15 years with the organization. Mark has led with energy, passion, and joy. He has put his whole heart into Adeara to help women overcome their addiction and find Christ as their Savior. No matter the challenge, whether it was a fire or a flood, Mark continually looked to God for wisdom and direction.

Thank you, Mark, for your years of encouragement, smiles, and passion for changing lives! Although you are leaving the board, we know you’ll always be involved.

Connie Spooner – Chaplain

A few years ago, Connie Spooner stepped down from the board but continued to attend meetings as our acting chaplain. She brings a strong spiritual presence to our meetings. Beyond preparing devotionals for the meetings, she is always there to pray for the women of the centre, the staff, the board and wisdom as we do the organization’s business. She has been involved with Adeara since the beginning, and we are sad to see her go.

We thank you, Connie, for your years of commitment and Godly leadership.

Charlene Dykstra – Director, 2012-2022

Charlene Dykstra has been on the board for ten years and has brought so much to the organization. Her heart was all-in for Adeara. When there was a need, she stepped up and always delivered. The number of hours she spent reviewing policies, working on our accreditation documentation, and hosting events at her home were only a few ways she invested in the women and the organization. We could all see Charlene’s desire to make an impact for the Lord; she is an inspiration.

We thank you, Charlene, for your many years of involvement and heart for Adeara.

Going Forward

We welcome Fraser Genuis to our Board of Directors and David Cornock to the role of Vice Chair as Jesse Jervis steps into the role of Chairman.

Jesse Jervis – Board Chair

As the owner of SureFire IT Solutions, Jesse helps business owners use technology to see their companies grow. He desires to see Adeara increase its capacity to reach those who so desperately need the love of Christ to fight the battles they are in.

Fraser Genuis – Director

Fraser brings with him perspective gained from various political boards. Also, through his work as a Crown Prosecutor, previous board involvement and volunteering, Fraser has helped numerous church ministries serving our homeless population and seen the impact of trauma faced by vulnerable populations.