2017 Evening of Dreams Gala

Last year’s Evening of Dreams, which took place on Oct 5, 2017, was another historic milestone for us as we unveiled our new identity Adeara, and raised over $45,000 with some anonymous generous donations to support our work.

With nearly 300 guests in attendance, it was an honor to begin our evening by sharing a special story about the challenges of addiction and being an overcomer of former resident; Tamara G, who also blessed everyone with a hand-crafted delicious, candy flower at every place setting, truly a creative and courageous woman. She is now a mom working and volunteering, giving back and making a difference.

Our MC for the evening, Glori Meldrum, President of Little Warriors, graced us with inspiration and hope that our women are dear to her as many of them are ones who missed getting help from their trauma and abuse as children.

Mark Evans, our Chairman of the Board, began with the history of our organization and the need for change and expansion. He informed our audience that addiction and trauma are at epidemic proportions and that change can happen. He shared, also, how Adeara is embarking on a bold new community expansion project in association with the Salvation Army and Par Foundation. The project, called Carus, will be able to serve up to 50 women and 20 children in the future, and more news will be coming down the pipe on this soon (check future newsletters to hear more!).

We engaged with the talents of g[squared] Marketing, where Glori, Gary, Terry and Gennelle and their creative team assisted us in making our new identity, Adeara, become a reality. Terry Elkins, the Creative Director for g[squared], took the torch and shared the heart of Adeara’s new brand with the crowd. Their support of Adeara continues in new marketing avenues that will ensure and sustain future growth for us.

The evening was then blessed with an inspiring prayer with grace shared by Pastor Carmen Lynn from Great Church.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who continued to make our event one to remember. Adeara was proud of our team and volunteers who were working hard behind the scenes, and to Marleen Gray, our Program Director, and Bethany Zelent, our Communications Director for openly sharing and educating everyone about addiction and its challenges and influences. Also, special thanks to the beautiful, brave women who shared how our program has impacted them, Amber, Danielle, Mavis and Tamara.

Adeara would also like to thank and acknowledge Paul Doucette and his team for being great hosts and for an absolutely delicious meal enjoyed by all, and to our talented entertainment by Soap Box Duo, who shared their gift of music for the evening.

For our architectural renderings, thank you to PGA Architects, Chris Laing and Jaco Erwee for putting some of our ideas into perspective, and to Nick Evans for graciously donating his time and talent to create for us our beautiful door, signed by many of the women we’ve served and the community who helps us to do our work (more opportunities to come!).

This will be hung in our new facility for all to enjoy! And thank you to all the wonderful people and organizations in attendance at our gala. The difference you’ve made will help women and children in the days and weeks to come.