Mental illness and addiction are isolating diseases. To combat them, we need professional support, community, and a good understanding of what we’re facing. Adeara’s prevention program is aimed at giving youth and adults under the age of 35 tools to improve their mental health and prevent addiction in their own lives.

Mental Help Website

Introducing Mental Help

Mental Help is an online, free, empirically sourced video resource for youth and young adults across Alberta. Through a series of 18 videos, counsellor Kyla Turner covers topics across the gamut of mental health, from depression and anxiety to addiction and substance abuse. Each video covers a different topic and seeks to offer the viewer a rounded knowledge, therapeutic resources and practical tools to maintain their own mental health.

Through social media, video resources and in-person seminars with Edmonton organizations, Mental Help aims to educate our community about the preconditions for addiction and arm individuals of all ages and genders with tools to identify and prevent a worsened mental health.

Project Funding

This project was made possible by the COVID-19 Mental Health and Addiction Community Funding Grant. We’d like to extend our thanks to the Government of Alberta for creating this opportunity and investing in the prevention of addiction in our province.

To keep this program going, we need your financial support. Our dream for Mental Help is to see this video resource made available to classrooms, faith-based study groups, whole churches and more.

We want to make this resource available to help eliminate the need of centers like Adeara. You can support our prevention program by heading to our support page. (Coming soon! Please check back.)