Cassie’s Story

Seeing how many people support my recovery and all the other women here is truly amazing, and I feel very blessed. I truly needed this recovery centre and everyone in it.

I’ve always heard people say, ‘once an addict, always an addict,’ but I know this statement is no longer true. Because with a lot of hard work and dedication, anyone can get sober and stay in recovery for the rest of their life. But I know from personal experience you have to want it for yourself.

Everything at Adeara has impacted me hugely. To how much the staff actually cares about us and how much the volunteers love and are rooting for us. Even all the people I don’t know, like the people on the board, the donors. Just everything about Adeara impacts not only me but my close family as well. I am forever grateful for this recovery centre.

By Cassie (not pictured above)

Your support is changing lives such as Cassie’s and creating a lasting impact in her family and our community. Just as Cassie matters more than she had believed, you matter more than you might think. Read more about how your support impacts Adeara.